You need not wait for buying your own house to implement your decor ideas. If you are living in a rented apartment in Nepal and do not want it to be limited to merely a living space without a personalized decoration, then you can start beautifying it in the same style you would have done at your own home. However, you should let your property-owner know about your redecoration plan. Wall paints of neutral shades that form elegant designs may be used for this purpose.

Landlords may not be comfortable with the idea of changes in their property, but convincing them about the benefits of beautification is up to the tenant. Consulting a professional interior designer in Nepal may be a wise thing to do before starting the process. One can create a drastic alteration in the appearance of subtle and understated houses by using quality Paints and creative colour ideas and appropriately adjusting the same with other decor items such as curtains, carpets, furniture and covers. Investing more in these items proves to be beneficial for creating the desired interior design with no irreversible change in the space. The ideas limited by the wall painting can be liberally implied on the decorative items by acquiring them in dynamic colors in contrast to the neutral colored walls.

An extensive assortment of Attractive wall paints can be purchased through various dealers in Nepal without having to compromise on the quality of paint. So go ahead and plan to bring your decor ideas to life.


Innovative & Useful Products For Your Walls

The Nepalese house owners have reason to rejoice. House Walls of Nepal are to stay protected for longer, meaning, beautiful and fresh looking walls for years. The leading paint manufacturers in Nepal have introduced practical and handy products keeping the diverse weather conditions of Nepal in view. The paint manufacturers’ endeavor to cater to the need of the varied consumers has been greeted with tremendous support.

185091_284773061624177_1291076234_nPaint manufacturers like Asian Paints Nepal have been availing premium paint and relative products of international standards at affordable prices. An ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 approved paint industry in Nepal, it additionally has the accreditation of approbation from the Government of Nepal. The production plant in Hetauda, Makawanpur produces a massive 20,000 tons of paint which is one of the largest in Nepal. Also, Asian Paints takes a step ahead to make the products environment and user friendly. It conforms to the international VOC standards with products sans harmful chemical elements like mercury, lead, arsenic, chromium and other volatile organic compounds. Thanks to such paint manufacturers, Nepal has green alternatives in the market with respect to paints and the like.

Asian Paints offers to you quality coatings for interior and exterior walls with a performance warranty of up to seven years. It has a complete range of paint and relative products of superior quality. Color for Nepal in varied shades and hues and with exemplary finishing and effect are on offer.

Apart from the high end paints, other premium products that offer significant protection to the walls in intense conditions, enrich the already impressive line of products. One such product is the high moisture-resistant coating for walls that are highly exposed to moisture. The coating is specially formulated to effectively block water while being permeable enough allowing vapor release which eases vapor formulation. Minor cracks in the plaster are flawlessly covered while providing a strong bond with the cemented wall surface. The product is highly useful for bathrooms, kitchens and exteriors keeping problems such as powder formation at bay.

Tiles used widely in houses in exteriors loses the sheen with time. A tile guard provides a protective layer against water and harsh sun and keeps the shine and quality of the tile intact. Formation of algae and mold in the exterior is eliminated keeping the tiles shiny and beautiful for long.

These ancillary products go a long way to keep walls beautiful and fresh for a long time providing effective protection from the intense unfavorable environment.

Colors For Your Abode

Colors are what you make of them. An expression in itself, colors hold a lot of significance in life. The selection of color is both an easy and a daunting task. It is one thing to have a color preference and a completely different affair to make appropriate color combinations, because a mismatched color blend could appear rather repelling than appealing. Paints & colour ideas for beautifying walls in culturally modern homes in Nepal have transformed over the years. The present Nepalese art depict a sense of diverse culture with a hint of modernity, evocative in the painting styles in houses. When it comes to painting your house, it is not enough to pick a beautiful color, it is also essential to pick the right paint.



Attractive wall paints

Attractive wall paints

Painting a house needs special care and pre-planning. Besides the aesthetics, painting a house is directly linked to the maintenance and protection of the walls of the house. A quality paint can protect the walls from degrading factors that deteriorate and wear the walls over time. The paint acts as a defensive layer shielding the external walls from rain, harsh sun and also mold that can render the walls shabby. And Interior Wall paints for interior walls can also safeguard from Stains that may appear due to moisture and rust. Attractive wall paints can be availed at low costs considering the quality that is offered in Nepal.

Walls remain alluring and fresh as new. Perfect use and mix of the warm tones of colors such as- red, yellow and orange, cool tones namely green, blue, violet and indigo and earthy tones like- black and brown can drastically transform the very appearance of the interiors.

A host of options with paints is at your disposal offering thousands of beautiful shades. If none of the shades catch your fancy, you may also generate your own color with the aid of special computer software at your nearest paint dealer, the service offered by most of the paint companies. The dealers also help you with the selection of colors using graphical tools to determine how the house would appear in the interiors and also the exterior. It would be wise to make a guided decision beforehand. After all, you don’t paint your house time and again.

Painting can enhance or undermine the appearance of your house. You don’t necessarily have to expend a lot of money to decorate your house. Cheap paints with superior quality can be readily chosen from the number of options at hand in Nepal. It is however advised not to compromise heavily on quality.

Asian Paints Color Nepal; Your Only Reliable Choice for Home Painting!

When you think of home painting, it is obvious that you think of every possible color to enhance the look of your home. Which is perhaps why most of the people think that it is an easy thing to have the home painting done. But in reality, it is more than just picking out their favorite color out from the list of hundreds. If you ask why, here’s the answer. There are different brands out there in the market that manufacture and sell the paint products. Now your job is to find out one brand that is old, reliable and of best quality. If you are residing in the capital city, Kathmandu, you will get access to so many paint brands that you will actually get confused about the whole thing and might probably end up selecting random paint brands. Here’s a little something about the Asian Paints Nepal, a leading paint company in the country.

In 1983, the company began its operation and has been successfully running its color Nepal objective till this day. Originally based in Mumbai, India, the company has been ranked among the top ten decorative coating companies in the world. The decorative under Asian Paints Nepal includes wall finishes for both interior and exterior surface, wood coatings, enamels for wood and metal surfaces. The company is providing healthy paint products under several other brand names other than Asian Paints like Berger International, Apco Paintings, Taubmans and SCIB Paints. In Nepal, not all of them are available however. The outlets are made available in all the major cities of Nepal. The company has more than 500 dealers letting all the Nepali citizens choose their favorite from a wide range of shades, all accessible in reasonable rates. Asian Paints manufacture about 20,000 tons of environmental friendly paints that contain low VOC. Not only, they have the approval of Nepal Bureau of Standard and Metrology, they are ISO certified, an internationally recognized brand.

Painting is not just applying colors on the walls of your room, it is changing the entire appearance, completely enhancing its looks. If you have decided to make those changes, try Asian Paints, you can reach them at your nearest paint dealers.