Colors For Your Abode

Colors are what you make of them. An expression in itself, colors hold a lot of significance in life. The selection of color is both an easy and a daunting task. It is one thing to have a color preference and a completely different affair to make appropriate color combinations, because a mismatched color blend could appear rather repelling than appealing. Paints & colour ideas for beautifying walls in culturally modern homes in Nepal have transformed over the years. The present Nepalese art depict a sense of diverse culture with a hint of modernity, evocative in the painting styles in houses. When it comes to painting your house, it is not enough to pick a beautiful color, it is also essential to pick the right paint.



Attractive wall paints

Attractive wall paints

Painting a house needs special care and pre-planning. Besides the aesthetics, painting a house is directly linked to the maintenance and protection of the walls of the house. A quality paint can protect the walls from degrading factors that deteriorate and wear the walls over time. The paint acts as a defensive layer shielding the external walls from rain, harsh sun and also mold that can render the walls shabby. And Interior Wall paints for interior walls can also safeguard from Stains that may appear due to moisture and rust. Attractive wall paints can be availed at low costs considering the quality that is offered in Nepal.

Walls remain alluring and fresh as new. Perfect use and mix of the warm tones of colors such as- red, yellow and orange, cool tones namely green, blue, violet and indigo and earthy tones like- black and brown can drastically transform the very appearance of the interiors.

A host of options with paints is at your disposal offering thousands of beautiful shades. If none of the shades catch your fancy, you may also generate your own color with the aid of special computer software at your nearest paint dealer, the service offered by most of the paint companies. The dealers also help you with the selection of colors using graphical tools to determine how the house would appear in the interiors and also the exterior. It would be wise to make a guided decision beforehand. After all, you don’t paint your house time and again.

Painting can enhance or undermine the appearance of your house. You don’t necessarily have to expend a lot of money to decorate your house. Cheap paints with superior quality can be readily chosen from the number of options at hand in Nepal. It is however advised not to compromise heavily on quality.


Find Asian Paints From The Nearest Paint Dealer Nepal

Painting is a quick and cost effective way to give your old rooms a new and fresh look and in the meantime make it look more sell-able in case you are planning to put in on the market. Now prior to that, make sure you know everything about choosing the right paint for your house. Paint, if to be broadly categorized, can be divided into two major categories; Oil Paint and Latex Paint. While the oil based paints are  great for wood moldings and trim with its natural stain sealing and knot sealing ability, the latex paints are commonly preferred paint type because of its durability and the comfort-ability to the painter. However, it does take a longer time for the oil based paints to dry than the latex paints.

The shinier the paint, the easier it is to clean up. Assuming that you have children in your house and the room you are painting is a playroom lets say, or you see it is more likely to get grease on the wall just like those in the kitchen, always look out for high gloss sheen because it will be a lot easier to wipe off those dirt off the walls later on with just a damp sponge, and give a smooth finishing with the perfect shine on them. High gloss however, will leave marks and blemishes and produce an unpleasant shine  at the time of cleaning. Semi-gloss paint would be a perfect choice bathrooms and kitchen. It is that common option people prefer to choose as it is cheaper than the gloss finish. Satin sheen’s on the other hand give a satiny smooth finish to the kitchens, bathrooms and the hallways. Now going to the color choice, if you want an elegant look at your house, try applying some neutral colors. Or you can add splashes of colors to the entire room. Color splashes are the new trends these days. One thing, don’t hesitate to add variant textures. Also the lighter the color, the more spacious your room will look. Now the only thing left is to choose the right paint brand. Be it that you live in any corner of Nepal, always try to search for a company that has the longest experience in the field. Remember cost and quality should go hand in hand. Asian Paints Nepal is one of the oldest paint brand in the country. The company has been an expert and the most preferred by all paint dealer Nepal since 1983 and the following years.

The products manufactured by Asian Paints do not use any raw materials containing Arsenic, Lead, Mercury and Chromium. In addition to that, the company is certified under ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 proving it as the most reliable paint brand to choose for your home painting.

Look For Color Nepal Brand: The Asian Paints Brand!

Painting is a kind of home improvement and the one who is privileged to own a house gives a thought to decorate the house by painting. If you are on the same thought, and imagining the new looks of your home, why not take a little time of yours to do a little research beforehand. This will make your home look even more attractive. In case it is the first time you are painting your house, you need to know that there are several options for you to choose from. You can choose the high end paint brand products to the affordable ones.

Assuming that you live in Kathmandu, here is something informative about the kinds of paint products that are available in the whole Nepal. Asian Paints Nepal in particular is a leading paint manufacturing company who provides more than hundreds of exciting shades to color your house in any season.  They are recognized to color Nepal since their operation in the country in 1985. They are the oldest and the most reputable brand in the country. Not only they have those exciting range of paint products but also comes up with the interesting offers and packages to create happiness in the life of all Nepali citizens. The paint products are accessible in the major cities of Nepal. It does not matter whether it is winter or summer or any festive occasion, they provide the services to its customers throughout the year. The best thing about Asian Paints is that they are internationally famous brand with its head company located in India. They are certified under ISO 9002 and have been approved by the Nepal Bureau of Standards. Above, all they manufacture products with low VOC and because they contain low VOC, there is no danger of getting allergies and any other health hazards caused by the exposure of chemicals.

Some of the famous sub brands under Asian Paints are Berger, Royale and Apex.  And also the brand produces more than 20,000 tons of different kinds of interior and exterior paint products every year and has more than 500 dealers all over the country. So if you are looking for one, you will easily get near your neighborhood.

Asian Paints Color Nepal; Your Only Reliable Choice for Home Painting!

When you think of home painting, it is obvious that you think of every possible color to enhance the look of your home. Which is perhaps why most of the people think that it is an easy thing to have the home painting done. But in reality, it is more than just picking out their favorite color out from the list of hundreds. If you ask why, here’s the answer. There are different brands out there in the market that manufacture and sell the paint products. Now your job is to find out one brand that is old, reliable and of best quality. If you are residing in the capital city, Kathmandu, you will get access to so many paint brands that you will actually get confused about the whole thing and might probably end up selecting random paint brands. Here’s a little something about the Asian Paints Nepal, a leading paint company in the country.

In 1983, the company began its operation and has been successfully running its color Nepal objective till this day. Originally based in Mumbai, India, the company has been ranked among the top ten decorative coating companies in the world. The decorative under Asian Paints Nepal includes wall finishes for both interior and exterior surface, wood coatings, enamels for wood and metal surfaces. The company is providing healthy paint products under several other brand names other than Asian Paints like Berger International, Apco Paintings, Taubmans and SCIB Paints. In Nepal, not all of them are available however. The outlets are made available in all the major cities of Nepal. The company has more than 500 dealers letting all the Nepali citizens choose their favorite from a wide range of shades, all accessible in reasonable rates. Asian Paints manufacture about 20,000 tons of environmental friendly paints that contain low VOC. Not only, they have the approval of Nepal Bureau of Standard and Metrology, they are ISO certified, an internationally recognized brand.

Painting is not just applying colors on the walls of your room, it is changing the entire appearance, completely enhancing its looks. If you have decided to make those changes, try Asian Paints, you can reach them at your nearest paint dealers.


Colour Nepal Brand; Asian Paints Nepal!

Painting is more than coloring walls, it is decorating your idea. With the Asian Paints, you will indeed find your idea turn out to be something astounding. The brand offers high-quality paint products with an exciting range of colors. Asian Paints Nepal is the number one paint manufacturer in the country. The products of this brand are internationally known and are recognized to be have eco-friendly tag on it. If you want your walls to look comforting or despicable, the brand has more than hundreds of shades to select from.

Home improvement painting is an important decision. There are several paint brands who fulfill the people’s wish of coloring the walls. But if you are wise enough to make the decisions all by yourself, you will seriously think of more than picking any random shades from any company. Know that there is a difference in two companies or brand and also more than choosing a right contractor, one needs to choose the right paint brand. And there are hundreds of stores in the capital city itself who have been dealing with the Asian Paints Nepal branded product sale. Asian Paints Nepal has been the most dependable brand for past decades and more. They are a leading colour Nepal company who gives a superior quality service to its customers. Each and every color have reached the globally recognized VOC standards and are proven to be a healthy product. Asian Paints Nepal has been certified under ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 acts. If you are searching for an international level paint products available at affordable prices, Asian Paints is the best option you got. At Asian Paints, every general people is believed to have creativity and thus color their beautiful imaginations to turn out to be true.

Asian Paints are known for the diversity it brings in the products. After reading above information, you will opt for a right brand for your home. Planning for painting your house, do not delay, call up or contact any of the nearest Asian Paints dealers. Or else, log onto their official website and now more about them.

Asian Paints As The Best And Reliable Brand Shades Nepal!

Are your plans this vacation to paint your home? Then you need to get up and load your brain with some coolest DIY ideas. Forget about hiring a pro because there is nothing in the world that you cannot give a try. Now that you are totally determined on this, why not imagine or better draw a rough sketch in mind about how and which color you wish to paint your wall with.You can go simple with the plain painting or else fill your wall with a huge Nepali flag on it.

The first thing you require to do is a little research on the painting and shades Nepal that suits your room and will brighten up even more. Painting is nothing in the absence of necessary tools like brush, rollers and most importantly a high quality paints. And talking about paint brands, Asian Paints Nepal is the oldest and most preferred paint brands in Nepal. Asian Paints Nepal has more than fifty of its dealers in the capital city itself and many more in all the major cities of the country. On the basis of the surface, perhaps it might be wood or cement, the colors are chosen. If it is a wooden surface, you can apply oil based paints. There are numerous paint dealers and stores in Kathmandu from where you can buy any Asian Paints’ product to paint your house the way you want. Not only they are versatile but goes the extra green mile by manufacturing low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). That as a result has no effect on your health. The products available include few famous names in the market including Berger, Apex and Royale. They have shades available for interior paints, exterior paints, wood finishes and metal finishes. For the method you can either use a brush and rollers or a spray of these seem to be fun and job is done in very less time. However, for durable consequence brush paints are most recommended.

If you think that it might cost a lot to buy shades, you got it wrong. Asian Paints Nepal is established to paint Nepal. That’s why they are available in affordable price; not too expensive, not too cheap.

What Could Be A Better Option To Reduce Home Painting Cost Nepal?

So you are thinking of doing it yourself? Better. Now since you are into it, the first thing you should do is get some idea about how you can paint the house with very less mistakes. For that simply take help from an internet. There are probably hundreds of creative tips to begin with. In the beginning comes choosing a right shade for the walls. Second of all since you are applying DIY process, choose the best brand products for even if your hands are not pro, your paint should be.This part is one of the most essential steps in all. This article would be helpful for you to choose the best paint product in Nepal.

Asian Paints Nepal is a renown name. Since its operation in 1985, Asian Paints Nepal has provided a perfect guideline to every contractors, construction companies and individuals like you. In addition they are very reasonable in comparison to any other painting cost Nepal. Here are a few procedures that can be helpful on what you should do and what you should not:

  • Choose The Right Shades: The most essential part of DIY painting is deciding on a suitable color. You can choose a lighter or darker shade deciding upon the brightness in that room.
  • Select right paint: As mentioned above, this is the crucial part where you need to realize the importance of quality of a paint product. Asian Paints manufacture paints for both interior and exterior decor with low VOC. Low VOC paints are environment friendly and has no effect on human health.
  • Prepare the room: if you are doing all the task by yourself, make sure that you start with another room only after you finish the previous one. And before you head to another, clean the room by removing all the necessary stuffs and moving out furniture items to another room.
  • Put on coats: Once you clean the walls and let it dry, start applying paints on the surface of the wall and do not go or a second coat unless the first one is completely dry.

If you follow the tips given above, you will not surely ruin your opportunity of turning your old messed up room to unbelievable. You can always get help from internet in order to purchase the item. Or else seek for paint dealers within your vicinity, they will definitely help you out.