Wall Paints- Things To Consider

Whether you are redecorating your home or simply repainting your walls, there are a few basic things you ought to consider. Painting your wall requires a careful consideration so that the paint lasts longer and your walls look beautiful and fresh. Paints colour ideas that are fresh and stir up novelty can also be implemented for that unique and authentic feel at houses in Nepal.


painter Nepal

painter Nepal

In this article we are going to discuss the three key points to keep in mind while painting your wall. First and foremost, it is essential to select a shade, for which understanding colors is a must. Various Shades options are available for choosing Wall Paints in Nepal. It can be mind boggling to make the right choice. Next is getting the appropriate paint for your wall which is determined by a number of factors. Lastly, the application procedure which is also equally essential for a durable and a great paint job.

Understanding color is the first problem to tackle. You can find thousands of shades of the same color, but the primary and secondary colors are limited and have to be cautiously selected. Red, Blue and Yellow are primary colors and the secondary colors like- Orange, Green, Violet among others are derived from the former. A primary color should be harmonized with the complimenting secondary color. This brings out the best in the other color. One should make choices based on the personal preference of colors. The amount of artificial and natural lights should also be given due attention while choosing colors. Rooms that receive little light may be brightened with light and reflective hues while the ample brightness in a room may be minimized with darker hues.

Getting the type of paint correct is another important aspect. With a vast number of paint products in the market, getting the correct type may be difficult. Gloss, semi-gloss, flat, matt and eggshell are the basic kinds of paint based on their reflective property. Gloss or semi-gloss paints reflect light and are appropriate for walls that get a lot of moisture and doors and other woodworks. Flat, matt and eggshell, on the other hand reflect little light and are durable. Such paint types are appropriate for ceilings and other walls. Affordable & Cheap paints colors with lasting quality, containing low Volatile Organic Compounds are available in Nepal.

Another key point lies in the application of paint. In order to have a durable paint, it is important to pre-prime the walls and get rid of defects such as- crack, mold and smoothen the wall surface so that the paint does not wear off quickly.

Keeping these simple but vital points in mind can keep your house beautiful for a long time.