Things to Steer Clear of While Selecting Wall Paint

Painting a house is an artwork obliging proper planning and estimate. The best paint work possible at a sensible cost is what we all expect to gain. A quality paint finish goes about as a guarding layer and shields the exterior from downpour, merciless sun and other elements of nature that can degrade the wall Painting In Nepal. Painting is very important not just from the aesthetic point of view, but as a protective layer for the walls as well. It can be difficult to get the right choice of colors and paints without correct knowledge and guidance.


Painting budget

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Painting budget can sometimes get spent in buying the wrong paint or the paint that the user is not completely satisfied with because of lack of comparisons and research done by the customers  in Nepal  before the purchase process. Here are some don’ts for selecting wall paints. Avoiding these mistakes can help with choosing the right paint.

  1. Buying the wall paint first before even deciding on the color of furnishings. Choosing the paint should be kept for the last. The wall paint should be selected according to the more permanent and expensive items in the room like the sofa, curtains and flooring rather than the other way round. The color of your wall can be repainted, but altering the furnishings can be expensive and more of a hassle.
  2. Rushing to choose and buy paint. Just because a certain shade looked good on one wall does not necessarily mean it would be the same for you. The paint hue appears different with difference in lighting, varying wall surface and the color of adjacent flooring and furnishing.
  3. Use of bright and loud colors just because they are considered trendy. It is best to avoid bright and intense colors as far as possible, but if you do use them, it is best to pay attention to the focal point of the room. The focal point of the room should not be shadowed. The furnishing and flooring should be of a neutral color to create harmony of colors. Paint dealer of paint companies in Nepal offers tinting systems for creating unique colors for your walls .
  4. Blind selection of the favorite color for wall paint. Favorite colors don’t necessarily recreate the same feel and mood when used in inappropriate places. Painting the bedroom in dark red without considering the furnishing, flooring and natural lighting may not bring the calming and restful feel that one would normally expect in a bedroom.
  5. Preferring toxic paints over green or Low VOC on the basis of little difference in cost. Such paints may be slightly pricey, but the long term benefits are greater. They are odorless and what is even better is its harmlessness to human health and they are environment friendly. Using Low VOC Paints would be a wise decision.