How To Know How Much Paint is Required?

It would be sensible to determine the quantity of paint needed prior to the commencement of the painting of your house. Whether you are redecorating or painting, the pre-evaluation of the paint required keeps you from overbuying of having to buy again and again. House Walls in Nepal have to bear the brunt of different weather conditions. The monsoon rain, freezing temperature and harsh sun cause the premature wearing off of the paint requiring frequent reapplication.


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The major factors that influence the paint requirement quantity sums up this article. Firstly and apparently, the size of the house determine the paint quantity. Another important factor is the condition of the wall surfaces. Other aspects include the type of coating and the application technique.

For the exact measurement of the surface area of the house, the perimeter of the house should be measured and multiplied by the height. The area of doors and windows should be subtracted at 15 square feet for every window and 21 square feet. The result when divided by the square foot coverage mentioned in paint cans, gives you the number of gallons required for a single coat. In case, your house has tilted roofs, the gable ends’ surface area is calculated by multiplying the width by height and then the result is divided by 2. Color for exterior and interior walls that is available in Nepal extends over a wide array of shades and hues. For uniformity of color, the paint should be mixed well before use.

The condition of the wall has a significant effect on the paint requirement and also the lifespan of the paint work. Smooth and plain walls with normal surface conditions require almost 10 to 20 percent less paint. Walls with masonry or stucco exterior consume more paint. Also, primed and putty-maintained walls may be done with a single coat while non primed and rough walls require more than one coat. Also, the exterior walls require more paint since the exteriors should be well covered and double coated since they are more vulnerable.

How the paint is applied also causes the difference in the quantity. Airless spray consume double the quantity of paint required while using brushes, pads or rollers. Also, spraying applies a double coat at once, eliminating the need for another coating.

These are some major issues that determine the paint quantity requirement. So the next time, you are purchasing paint for your house, be sure to consider these pointers.