Find Asian Paints From The Nearest Paint Dealer Nepal

Painting is a quick and cost effective way to give your old rooms a new and fresh look and in the meantime make it look more sell-able in case you are planning to put in on the market. Now prior to that, make sure you know everything about choosing the right paint for your house. Paint, if to be broadly categorized, can be divided into two major categories; Oil Paint and Latex Paint. While the oil based paints are  great for wood moldings and trim with its natural stain sealing and knot sealing ability, the latex paints are commonly preferred paint type because of its durability and the comfort-ability to the painter. However, it does take a longer time for the oil based paints to dry than the latex paints.

The shinier the paint, the easier it is to clean up. Assuming that you have children in your house and the room you are painting is a playroom lets say, or you see it is more likely to get grease on the wall just like those in the kitchen, always look out for high gloss sheen because it will be a lot easier to wipe off those dirt off the walls later on with just a damp sponge, and give a smooth finishing with the perfect shine on them. High gloss however, will leave marks and blemishes and produce an unpleasant shine  at the time of cleaning. Semi-gloss paint would be a perfect choice bathrooms and kitchen. It is that common option people prefer to choose as it is cheaper than the gloss finish. Satin sheen’s on the other hand give a satiny smooth finish to the kitchens, bathrooms and the hallways. Now going to the color choice, if you want an elegant look at your house, try applying some neutral colors. Or you can add splashes of colors to the entire room. Color splashes are the new trends these days. One thing, don’t hesitate to add variant textures. Also the lighter the color, the more spacious your room will look. Now the only thing left is to choose the right paint brand. Be it that you live in any corner of Nepal, always try to search for a company that has the longest experience in the field. Remember cost and quality should go hand in hand. Asian Paints Nepal is one of the oldest paint brand in the country. The company has been an expert and the most preferred by all paint dealer Nepal since 1983 and the following years.

The products manufactured by Asian Paints do not use any raw materials containing Arsenic, Lead, Mercury and Chromium. In addition to that, the company is certified under ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 proving it as the most reliable paint brand to choose for your home painting.