Check Out The Painting Budget Nepal Before Choosing Any Brand Paints

Home maintenance is a growing topic for every general person these days. The purpose behind it might be anything be it the homeowner wants to put the house in sale or decorating it for this Dashain. Painting a house is not as easy as it looks, especially when it has to be both inside and outside of the house. Even if you have been given a plenty of time and very skilled painters, selection of right brand paints is what plays a complete role.

The market is literally crowded with hundreds of paint companies. They all have their own specialty and own range of paint products. In Kathmandu itself, you will find paint stores anywhere in your vicinity. People get confused about which company and which brand they should choose. Before deciding on any company brand, one has to be clear with what sort of paint is required for their house and estimate the right painting budget Nepal for interior or exterior painting. There are distinct varieties of paints classified broadly under water-based and oil-based paints. Water-based paints have less amount of Volatile Organic Compound(VOC) which is why they dry fast and lasts a long time unlike oil-based paints that offer glossy appearance with resilient finish. Asian Paints Nepal is the only painting brand company in whole Nepal manufacturing 20,000 tons of paints with 500 Dealer Tinting System in all major towns of Nepal. The company manufactures both oil based and water based paints. They do not use any harmful chemicals like Lead, Arsenic, Mercury and Chromium that ultimately results to low VOC products. So if you want your house to be fresh as new this Dashain, make a wise choice. Select a good quality paint in order to obtain the best result.

Whether you are painting your new house or repainting your old one, make sure to get a good deal. Asian Paints come with a better quality guaranteeing long lasting effect and affordable within the means. They are easily available in your city and surroundings. Remember they are ever ‘out of stock’, because if not in store you can check it out in the website, in fact buy it online.