Asian Paints Nepal Is Painting Nepal For More Than A Decade

Painting is a home improvement job. And before you do any other improvement job, it is necessary to consider if painting your home is required or not. You might want to see if your home needs recoloring or redecorating. Painting is always an essential aspect of home improvement. However it might also get messy at times in case not given attention and especially when the painter you called is a beginner. Painting can actually brighten up the environment and makes your house look bright and attractive.

Before you apply paint, you have to make sure that the place or the house is vacant. Cover the huge furniture items with plastics whereas for the small ones, you can move it to another room. Better start with an empty room. Once it’s done, select your favorite color from the store room. Apply a little amount of paint to the wall and observe if it looks good on the surface and overall matches the house or not. Now to apply the color, people use rollers and brush for wide space and some of them use spray which is also a better choice. After the tools and equipment is in your hand, go ahead and get your job done. Remember DIY is always better to learn and have fun at the same time. To choose the type of paint, you have only two options and that is to choose between oil-based and water-based paints depending upon the surface. Also, applying once is never enough. Apply double coats for those using rollers. When you are starting, the best place to begin is either from the corner or the top of the walls. About painting Nepal, Nepali people have fun doing the job themselves reason being the task is interesting. The only thing that’s relatively needed more concern is at the time of picking the paint brand. For example, Asian Paints Nepal is a No. 1 paint manufacturing company in Nepal certified under ISO:9001 and ISO:14001. The purpose of Asian Paints Nepal is to produce a standard quality paints with Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC).

Asian Paints Nepal has been in the business now for more than a decade. They have been selling both industrial and decorative coatings. Check out their official websites for more information.