Asian Paints Color Nepal; Your Only Reliable Choice for Home Painting!

When you think of home painting, it is obvious that you think of every possible color to enhance the look of your home. Which is perhaps why most of the people think that it is an easy thing to have the home painting done. But in reality, it is more than just picking out their favorite color out from the list of hundreds. If you ask why, here’s the answer. There are different brands out there in the market that manufacture and sell the paint products. Now your job is to find out one brand that is old, reliable and of best quality. If you are residing in the capital city, Kathmandu, you will get access to so many paint brands that you will actually get confused about the whole thing and might probably end up selecting random paint brands. Here’s a little something about the Asian Paints Nepal, a leading paint company in the country.

In 1983, the company began its operation and has been successfully running its color Nepal objective till this day. Originally based in Mumbai, India, the company has been ranked among the top ten decorative coating companies in the world. The decorative under Asian Paints Nepal includes wall finishes for both interior and exterior surface, wood coatings, enamels for wood and metal surfaces. The company is providing healthy paint products under several other brand names other than Asian Paints like Berger International, Apco Paintings, Taubmans and SCIB Paints. In Nepal, not all of them are available however. The outlets are made available in all the major cities of Nepal. The company has more than 500 dealers letting all the Nepali citizens choose their favorite from a wide range of shades, all accessible in reasonable rates. Asian Paints manufacture about 20,000 tons of environmental friendly paints that contain low VOC. Not only, they have the approval of Nepal Bureau of Standard and Metrology, they are ISO certified, an internationally recognized brand.

Painting is not just applying colors on the walls of your room, it is changing the entire appearance, completely enhancing its looks. If you have decided to make those changes, try Asian Paints, you can reach them at your nearest paint dealers.