You need not wait for buying your own house to implement your decor ideas. If you are living in a rented apartment in Nepal and do not want it to be limited to merely a living space without a personalized decoration, then you can start beautifying it in the same style you would have done at your own home. However, you should let your property-owner know about your redecoration plan. Wall paints of neutral shades that form elegant designs may be used for this purpose.

Landlords may not be comfortable with the idea of changes in their property, but convincing them about the benefits of beautification is up to the tenant. Consulting a professional interior designer in Nepal may be a wise thing to do before starting the process. One can create a drastic alteration in the appearance of subtle and understated houses by using quality Paints and creative colour ideas and appropriately adjusting the same with other decor items such as curtains, carpets, furniture and covers. Investing more in these items proves to be beneficial for creating the desired interior design with no irreversible change in the space. The ideas limited by the wall painting can be liberally implied on the decorative items by acquiring them in dynamic colors in contrast to the neutral colored walls.

An extensive assortment of Attractive wall paints can be purchased through various dealers in Nepal without having to compromise on the quality of paint. So go ahead and plan to bring your decor ideas to life.



Designing the interiors of a house is a task that requires a sound knowledge of colors, use of space and bringing the ideas of the house owner to life in the most efficient manner to create a space that is purposeful and a treat to the eye.Hiring a professional for decorating the interior of your house is recommended to get the most out of your space within a budget that you have set.In order to avoid the significantly higher Painting cost, the house owners in Nepal need to have the idea of the type, color and finish of wall paint to be used.Hence, consulting an interior designer before starting the painting procedure proves to be beneficial to the owners.

Here are some important reasons why you should seek an interior designer to decorate your house or your space.

  1. Understanding your design requirement and incorporating your preferences

Interior designers have a knack for understanding the purpose, the personal taste of the owner and the location of the space.Consulting an interior designer is all about helping you better visualize the image you have regarding how the space should turn out and bringing your imagination to life. The idea is to create a beautiful space that meets the requirements of the owner, suits the function of the room and makes the best use of the space.

  1. Ancillary professional services included

For achieving the desired design and functionality in an interior, efficient management of different professional work is required,which includes electrical works, masonry, carpentry, furnishings and flooring among others.Interior designers can effectively manage and coordinate with the best architect or Painter in Nepal for resulting in the best designs.

  1. Saving time and money

Interior designers can create designs with value for money. Consultation with an interior designer enables you to have the interior designed within a specific budget and a given time frame.The Interior Designers’ familiarity with the stores for getting the best products out of the best Paint dealer in Nepal enables them to create the optimum design with lesser financial and time investment.

Innovative & Useful Products For Your Walls

The Nepalese house owners have reason to rejoice. House Walls of Nepal are to stay protected for longer, meaning, beautiful and fresh looking walls for years. The leading paint manufacturers in Nepal have introduced practical and handy products keeping the diverse weather conditions of Nepal in view. The paint manufacturers’ endeavor to cater to the need of the varied consumers has been greeted with tremendous support.

185091_284773061624177_1291076234_nPaint manufacturers like Asian Paints Nepal have been availing premium paint and relative products of international standards at affordable prices. An ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 approved paint industry in Nepal, it additionally has the accreditation of approbation from the Government of Nepal. The production plant in Hetauda, Makawanpur produces a massive 20,000 tons of paint which is one of the largest in Nepal. Also, Asian Paints takes a step ahead to make the products environment and user friendly. It conforms to the international VOC standards with products sans harmful chemical elements like mercury, lead, arsenic, chromium and other volatile organic compounds. Thanks to such paint manufacturers, Nepal has green alternatives in the market with respect to paints and the like.

Asian Paints offers to you quality coatings for interior and exterior walls with a performance warranty of up to seven years. It has a complete range of paint and relative products of superior quality. Color for Nepal in varied shades and hues and with exemplary finishing and effect are on offer.

Apart from the high end paints, other premium products that offer significant protection to the walls in intense conditions, enrich the already impressive line of products. One such product is the high moisture-resistant coating for walls that are highly exposed to moisture. The coating is specially formulated to effectively block water while being permeable enough allowing vapor release which eases vapor formulation. Minor cracks in the plaster are flawlessly covered while providing a strong bond with the cemented wall surface. The product is highly useful for bathrooms, kitchens and exteriors keeping problems such as powder formation at bay.

Tiles used widely in houses in exteriors loses the sheen with time. A tile guard provides a protective layer against water and harsh sun and keeps the shine and quality of the tile intact. Formation of algae and mold in the exterior is eliminated keeping the tiles shiny and beautiful for long.

These ancillary products go a long way to keep walls beautiful and fresh for a long time providing effective protection from the intense unfavorable environment.

Things to Steer Clear of While Selecting Wall Paint

Painting a house is an artwork obliging proper planning and estimate. The best paint work possible at a sensible cost is what we all expect to gain. A quality paint finish goes about as a guarding layer and shields the exterior from downpour, merciless sun and other elements of nature that can degrade the wall Painting In Nepal. Painting is very important not just from the aesthetic point of view, but as a protective layer for the walls as well. It can be difficult to get the right choice of colors and paints without correct knowledge and guidance.


Painting budget

Asian Paints Nepal

Painting budget can sometimes get spent in buying the wrong paint or the paint that the user is not completely satisfied with because of lack of comparisons and research done by the customers  in Nepal  before the purchase process. Here are some don’ts for selecting wall paints. Avoiding these mistakes can help with choosing the right paint.

  1. Buying the wall paint first before even deciding on the color of furnishings. Choosing the paint should be kept for the last. The wall paint should be selected according to the more permanent and expensive items in the room like the sofa, curtains and flooring rather than the other way round. The color of your wall can be repainted, but altering the furnishings can be expensive and more of a hassle.
  2. Rushing to choose and buy paint. Just because a certain shade looked good on one wall does not necessarily mean it would be the same for you. The paint hue appears different with difference in lighting, varying wall surface and the color of adjacent flooring and furnishing.
  3. Use of bright and loud colors just because they are considered trendy. It is best to avoid bright and intense colors as far as possible, but if you do use them, it is best to pay attention to the focal point of the room. The focal point of the room should not be shadowed. The furnishing and flooring should be of a neutral color to create harmony of colors. Paint dealer of paint companies in Nepal offers tinting systems for creating unique colors for your walls .
  4. Blind selection of the favorite color for wall paint. Favorite colors don’t necessarily recreate the same feel and mood when used in inappropriate places. Painting the bedroom in dark red without considering the furnishing, flooring and natural lighting may not bring the calming and restful feel that one would normally expect in a bedroom.
  5. Preferring toxic paints over green or Low VOC on the basis of little difference in cost. Such paints may be slightly pricey, but the long term benefits are greater. They are odorless and what is even better is its harmlessness to human health and they are environment friendly. Using Low VOC Paints would be a wise decision.

Self Help With Redoing Your Interior

Whether you are refurbishing your home or just repainting your walls without direct help from professionals, then this article may be worth a read. There are a couple of fundamental things you should consider beforehand. Are you only repainting your walls or plan to alter the furniture, curtains and draping, etc? Needless to say, the color of the walls must be in harmony with the furniture, curtains and other decorative. Purpose of the room and amount of natural light must be taken into consideration as well. Wall painting colours in thousands of shades and hues can be availed in the markets of Nepal.

Colors play a decisive role in how the interiors appear. Red, Blue and Yellow are principal colors and the auxiliary shades like- Orange, Green, Violet among others are inferred from the previous. An essential color ought to be blended with the complimenting auxiliary shade. One ought to settle on decisions focused around the individual inclination of shades. The measure of supporting and natural lights ought to likewise be given due consideration while picking colors. Rooms that get minimal light may be lit up with vibrant and radiant shades while the sufficient brilliance in a room may be minimized with darker tones.

Getting the right kind of paint is equally essential. Gloss, semi-gloss, satin, eggshell and flat are the widely recognized interior paint. Gloss and semi-gloss paints reflect light and flat, satin and eggshell, reflect minimal light. Giving a slight gloss to the walls, eggshell paints are simply ideal for lounge rooms, bedrooms and others. Level or matte paints are the least expensive accessible paints and are utilized for low cost painting. Any of the Best wall painting may be chosen among the superior brands that exist in Nepal which match international standards.

Another important aspect is the application. Paintbrush and rollers are commonly used tools for painting walls. However, paint guns, sprayers and other mechanical tools are also in wide use. Using paintbrush and rollers are simple and takes little skill while sprayers make it easier to paint where brushes and rollers cannot reach, if used properly. It must be kept in mind that, twice as much paint applied in a single coating of rollers while using sprayers and guns. Single application would suffice if sprayers and paint guns are used.

How To Know How Much Paint is Required?

It would be sensible to determine the quantity of paint needed prior to the commencement of the painting of your house. Whether you are redecorating or painting, the pre-evaluation of the paint required keeps you from overbuying of having to buy again and again. House Walls in Nepal have to bear the brunt of different weather conditions. The monsoon rain, freezing temperature and harsh sun cause the premature wearing off of the paint requiring frequent reapplication.


Walls  Nepal

Asian Paints Nepal

The major factors that influence the paint requirement quantity sums up this article. Firstly and apparently, the size of the house determine the paint quantity. Another important factor is the condition of the wall surfaces. Other aspects include the type of coating and the application technique.

For the exact measurement of the surface area of the house, the perimeter of the house should be measured and multiplied by the height. The area of doors and windows should be subtracted at 15 square feet for every window and 21 square feet. The result when divided by the square foot coverage mentioned in paint cans, gives you the number of gallons required for a single coat. In case, your house has tilted roofs, the gable ends’ surface area is calculated by multiplying the width by height and then the result is divided by 2. Color for exterior and interior walls that is available in Nepal extends over a wide array of shades and hues. For uniformity of color, the paint should be mixed well before use.

The condition of the wall has a significant effect on the paint requirement and also the lifespan of the paint work. Smooth and plain walls with normal surface conditions require almost 10 to 20 percent less paint. Walls with masonry or stucco exterior consume more paint. Also, primed and putty-maintained walls may be done with a single coat while non primed and rough walls require more than one coat. Also, the exterior walls require more paint since the exteriors should be well covered and double coated since they are more vulnerable.

How the paint is applied also causes the difference in the quantity. Airless spray consume double the quantity of paint required while using brushes, pads or rollers. Also, spraying applies a double coat at once, eliminating the need for another coating.

These are some major issues that determine the paint quantity requirement. So the next time, you are purchasing paint for your house, be sure to consider these pointers.

Wall Paints- Things To Consider

Whether you are redecorating your home or simply repainting your walls, there are a few basic things you ought to consider. Painting your wall requires a careful consideration so that the paint lasts longer and your walls look beautiful and fresh. Paints colour ideas that are fresh and stir up novelty can also be implemented for that unique and authentic feel at houses in Nepal.


painter Nepal

painter Nepal

In this article we are going to discuss the three key points to keep in mind while painting your wall. First and foremost, it is essential to select a shade, for which understanding colors is a must. Various Shades options are available for choosing Wall Paints in Nepal. It can be mind boggling to make the right choice. Next is getting the appropriate paint for your wall which is determined by a number of factors. Lastly, the application procedure which is also equally essential for a durable and a great paint job.

Understanding color is the first problem to tackle. You can find thousands of shades of the same color, but the primary and secondary colors are limited and have to be cautiously selected. Red, Blue and Yellow are primary colors and the secondary colors like- Orange, Green, Violet among others are derived from the former. A primary color should be harmonized with the complimenting secondary color. This brings out the best in the other color. One should make choices based on the personal preference of colors. The amount of artificial and natural lights should also be given due attention while choosing colors. Rooms that receive little light may be brightened with light and reflective hues while the ample brightness in a room may be minimized with darker hues.

Getting the type of paint correct is another important aspect. With a vast number of paint products in the market, getting the correct type may be difficult. Gloss, semi-gloss, flat, matt and eggshell are the basic kinds of paint based on their reflective property. Gloss or semi-gloss paints reflect light and are appropriate for walls that get a lot of moisture and doors and other woodworks. Flat, matt and eggshell, on the other hand reflect little light and are durable. Such paint types are appropriate for ceilings and other walls. Affordable & Cheap paints colors with lasting quality, containing low Volatile Organic Compounds are available in Nepal.

Another key point lies in the application of paint. In order to have a durable paint, it is important to pre-prime the walls and get rid of defects such as- crack, mold and smoothen the wall surface so that the paint does not wear off quickly.

Keeping these simple but vital points in mind can keep your house beautiful for a long time.